Our advisors understand the importance of a strong personal credit file in order to obtain the best financing for your business.  We will take the time to review, evaluate, and provide feedback on your personal credit profile with regards to how it compares to our lenders requirements.  All of our advisors are Certified FICO Professionals and understand how to ensure that your credit file is preserved and/or improved while we help you obtain the capital you desire.  If you do not qualify for any of our unsecured funding programs, our advisors can provide you with a step-by-step strategy to help you qualify for the financing you desire.

Unsecured business lines of credit (Ubl)

We specialize in providing business owners with access to $25,000 - $150,000+, in the form of Unsecured Business Lines of Credit.  The Unsecured Business Lines of Credit are available for companies of all ages, from startups with no established revenue to well-established companies.  We can assist business owners in every industry.  The business lines require no collateral & no financial documentation, only a personal guarantor.  They are freely spendable to meet all of your company’s specific needs.

The general parameters to qualify for the Unsecured Business Lines of Credit are as follows:

  • Minimum FICO score 680+
  • No bankruptcies or foreclosures
  • No judgments, collections or tax liens in unpaid status
  • No late payments or derogatory credit marks for past 24 months
  • At least 3 established credit lines; 1 or more with $5,000+ limit
  • Credit Partner / Personal Guarantors are OK

Alternative financinG options

Equipment Financing – all types, from small office equipment to commercial machinery & vehicles.
Unsecured Business Loans – for those looking for long-term debt structuring