I have been working with Eric and MB Capital since 2012. They have helped me raise money and build my business credit for 4 different companies. Eric and his team is knowledgeable, trustworthy and easy to work with. Any real estate investor or small business owner, looking to expand their access to capital should work with MB Capital Solutions. They have taught me how to use debt to grow my businesses and to keep my interest rates low. I would highly recommend them!

-J Young

My husband and I were introduced to MB Capital through our local REIA. We are just starting out and trying to find the best way to finance our much anticipated RE investment endeavor. We met with Eric at MB Capital’s office not knowing what to expect. He explained exactly how it would work, was honest about the difference between credit card accts vs lines of credit and why we might only qualify for one, rather than the other. Admittedly, we were still not sure what to do, but Eric introduced Chris to us as somewhat of a mentor. Chris spent time on several phone calls with us, allowing us to ask the same questions over and over. He was extremely patient and understanding of our hesitation. He and Eric (we met once again) worked with us for quite some time and really helped us take another step forward. I am grateful for the time they put into us and feel much more confident in this new venture. I know people hear ‘credit card’ and think it’s a scam - we even thought , why can’t we do it ourselves?” Well, you could, however you will not qualify for what they can obtain for you, you won’t have the same access to your money, and you won’t get the personal connection do with MB Capital. There’s so much they can offer. If we didn’t make the move with MB Capital, I’m sure we would be sitting at the next REIA meeting, listening to those around us thinking, “when are we going to start?”

-L Baccari

MB Capital Solutions helped me find the capital I needed to change my career and start investing in real estate. Through a little searching on the web, I found MB Capital Solutions. I met with Eric and he made me feel very comfortable from the start discussing my goals. Eric, Nick and the staff kept me up to date throughout the whole process. It’s a year later and I’m making more money than I ever did thanks to MB Capital Solutions. I would definitely recommend contacting them if you’re looking for capital to start or grow your business.

- F Saraceno